Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold

Early ripening variety with a sweet–tart flavour.

Tasting Notes

The Ginger Gold is a beautiful, scrumptious apple; here at Martin’s we call it the first “real apple”. It is a cross between the Harvest Apple and the Golden Delicious and combines the best features of both; the thin skin, tartness, and translucent texture of the Harvest Apple’s flesh, and the sweetness and firmer texture of the Golden Delicious. It is excellent for eating, baking, and sauces. Compared to other early varieties, it has a bit longer shelf life — about 6 weeks, but will soften and sweeten weekly.


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Ginger Gold Is Great For

  • Eating
  • Sauce
  • Baking
  • Juicing

Packaging Formats

Overview of the fact that the product is available in multiple packaging formats and that Martin’s can work with you to produce custom formats in collaboration with you.