Everything is grown here.

Everything is grown here.

Growing for Healthy Communities

The Martin’s family is large. And it is even larger when we consider our extended family to include everyone that picks and packs our fruit and helps get them to market. Having farmed this land for seven generations, we have come to embrace the needs and traditions of our big family and our community.

For Now
and Forever

When you are doing work that matters, you want to keep doing it. Which is why sustainability is so important to us at Martin’s.  As generations of farmers, we live and work in close company with nature. And nature is what will feed our families for generations to come. Our commitment to sustainable practices is passionate and extends  well beyond the fields we protect and the crops we grow. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint each day, conserving resources and seeking efficiencies to curb waste. We are also mindful of responsible production practices which help us be proper stewards of our land, water and soil. We are guided by the vision to find a home for every apple. Zero waste has become a goal shared by our entire team.

Our amazing Apple Jacket.

Our amazing Apple Jacket.

Sustainable Packaging

We launched new apple packaging. Made from FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer cardboard, the Apple Caddy™ and Apple Jacket™ eliminate plastic from bulk apple purchasing. The formats allow for less direct handling of the fruit, superior protection compared to a traditional bag, and responds to consumer demand for more eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. Ultimately, retailers benefit from labour savings, reduced shrink, and broader merchandising options. 


We continuously strive to strengthen our communities by supporting local initiatives, by providing jobs, and enhancing our quality of life. Our fruit, by nature, fosters health and well-being. That we are feeding so many in a healthy and wholesome manner gives us much satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Together, our family and entire team shares this passion. We are proud of our mission, Growing for healthy communities.


At Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, we are mindful of our heritage and the great tradition of lending a hand. Involvement in and support for our community is extremely important to us. We are pleased to engage in a wide range of initiatives that improve and invigorate the neighbourhoods in which we live. Whether it’s a school breakfast program or a music festival, a bike race or community clean-up, we’re glad to help. Contact us for more information on apple donations. After all, doing good can be hungry work.

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