Our Orchard Market


Come and experience our Orchard Market. Our team is always busy making sure we offer only the best fresh juicy apples. Selling the best available apples demands that we carefully manage every step in the process, from planting our trees, tending our orchards, and then harvesting the apples. It’s said that ‘many hands make light work’. In our case we really do need many hands because our apples are handpicked, hand sorted, and hand packed at the peak of perfection.


In the Orchard Market you can select the apple variety of your choice and purchase them by the pound. For even more convenience, select the 5.5lb Apple Caddy™ or our smaller Apple Jacket™, each filled with your favourite varieties in our walk-in self-serve cooler. A “Nature’s Value” option provides great value for bakers, with 20lbs of our “less-than perfect” apples boxed at discount prices. Fresh Cider is also available in the cooler in 2L and 3L jugs.

Prominently displayed in-store are our own Crispy Apple Chips. These are complemented by other locally sourced items including honey, apple butter, maple syrup, apple sauce, jams and sparkling cider. We also have apple themed health and wellness products, including candles, soaps, lotions, and more, prepared for us by local artisans. These are always popular and especially for special occasions and holiday giving.

Join us in the Orchard Market just to browse, learn more about apples or to purchase your family’s favourite apples. While there, be sure to ‘talk’ with our Apple Oracle™, an interactive experience that will have you learning interesting facts about apples, apple growing and apple lore.

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Our Orchard Market is located at 1420 Lobsinger Line, less than a mile from St. Jacobs Market. You’ll find plenty of parking amidst our beautiful apple trees.

Tel: (519) 664-2750

Store Hours

Monday — Friday
9:30am – 5pm
8am – 4pm

What’s in Store

From Ambrosia to Spartan we grow them all! But to make sure we have exactly what you want, please call our Orchard Market for exact availability (519) 664-2750.

Food Ideas

Martin’s Apples are great for eating at any time, but there’s so much more you can do with our delicious orchard-grown apples. And what about our Crispy Apple Chips? View some great food ideas here.

Farm Fact No. 10

Apple trees require pollination to produce fruit.