Grown with care.

Grown with care.

We’re all about apples

Farming is hard work, but at Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, it has been a labour of love for nearly two centuries. We are a family of Ontario farmers who truly care about the land, community, and the food we produce. An enduring focus on integrity and quality, our appreciation for real food, and our commitment to innovation, continue to feed the Martin’s entrepreneurial spirit. We have the desire to create great-tasting foods that support healthy lives and a cleaner planet.

We go way back

The Martin family has farmed these Ontario lands since 1820. The apple growing part of our history began in 1971 with a suggestion from Branko Premlec, a Yugoslavian exchange student with a background in horticulture. Branko and Leighton Martin (our founder) agreed that the region’s combination of warm summer sunshine, adequate rainfall, rich soil and cool autumn nights would be perfect for producing the sweet, juicy apples that the Martin’s Family has become famous for. With a future full of fine apple varieties in mind, they planted their first trees and waited patiently for them to mature.

The original Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips are made from apples and apples alone. Picked from the orchards and processed in our own plant to remove the water, we’ve created a taste you can’t get enough of and a crispness you can hear.

Reduce moisture, 100% apple dices


Nestled amidst the apple trees, on Lobsinger Line, our Orchard Market provides a premium apple experience for our visitors. Come learn about our apple varieties and heritage while shopping a wide selection of crisp, juicy apples along with fresh-pressed cider, crispy apple chips, apple blossom honey, apple sauces and syrups, jams, and more.


Our network of retailers, wholesalers and food service operations trust us to adhere to the highest standards in growing and packing fruit, and meet their diverse requirements for sizing, grading and packaging. With controlled atmosphere storage and our dedicated trucking fleet, we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of a most demanding industry throughout the year, whether our partners are around the corner or around the world.

For a bruise-free planetTM.

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We invite you to join the Apple Lovers Club, where you’ll find news and updates, history, folklore, and fun apple trivia. As a member, you’ll get insider information on new product releases, access to special offers, discounts, and invites to exclusive events and promotions.

Food Ideas

Martin’s Apples are great for eating at any time, but there’s so much more you can do with our delicious orchard-grown apples. And what about our Crispy Apple Chips? View some great food ideas here.

Farm Fact No. 6

We have over a million apple trees growing in our orchards.