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Apples & Products

In our opinion, the classic pie apple would be Northern Spy, but our family would also recommend Cortland, Jonagold, Crispin, Honeycrisp, and Idared.

We do not offer pick-your-own apples; however, we do offer a wide variety of the season’s freshest apples at our Orchard Market.

In normal years, our orchards are in blossom on or around the second week of May.

The sweetest apples that we grow would be Fuji, along with Ambrosia and Gala.

In addition to being an extremely juicy, crunchy apple with superb flavour, Honeycrisp are a bit harder to grow and store than other varieties. They are prone to a condition called “bitter pit” and therefore need more attention to the soil balance. Also, they don’t ripen all at once, so pickers will need to return 2 or 3 times to catch the Honeycrisp at their peak of ripeness, which is less efficient.

Yes, all of our apples are carefully picked by our skilled employees. The harvest starts in late August for earlier varieties and usually wraps up in late October with the late-ripening apples.


Our home farm and original orchards are located in Waterloo, Ontario. We also have other orchards on the north shore of Lake Erie near Port Burwell, nearly two hours south of Waterloo.

Please visit the Careers section of our website where you can view and apply to positions that we are currently hiring for.

Yes! Leighton Martin founded the company in 1971 and is still involved in the growing operations. Along with his sons, several of his grandchildren are now involved with various roles in the company.

Yes, our company has many years’ experience with export, shipping apples to the US, Mexico, Cuba, the UK, Latin America and even India and Vietnam.

Our family is pleased to share some of our favourite recipes featuring our fresh apples. See our recipe section for some great ideas.

Our apples are primarily carried by major retailers throughout the province of Ontario. You can also buy apples directly from us at our Orchard Market on Lobsinger Line near the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market.

Yes. Our Orchard Market is open Monday through Saturday year–round. We are dedicated to featuring the freshest, juiciest apples and a wide array of apple products.

The Orchard Market is the best place to find our apples at their peak of perfection, selling nearly 25 different varieties throughout the year. We also stock our fresh-pressed apple cider, our crispy apple chips, apple butter, jams and jellies, heritage preserves, honey and fantastic maple syrup.

We do not grow, sell or process apples that are GMO.

We don’t have a formal tour program to view our orchards and apple packing facility. We will entertain special requests for small groups on occasion. Please contact us directly for more information.

We do not grow certified organic apples at this time. Organic apples are difficult to grow in Southern Ontario’s humid climate.

Quality & Safety

We take great care in growing and packing nutritious and safe apples to be enjoyed by our family, friends and neighbours. Our customers will be glad to know our orchards and packing facilities are CanadaGAP certified, meaning we follow the most rigorous protocols for food safety and traceability.

Product Look Up (PLU) codes are printed on stickers to help grocery staff at checkout. Some of our bulk fruit will include these stickers.

Yes, a food-grade wax is applied to apples sold in grocery stores. All apples have a naturally occurring waxy coating that is removed when we wash the fruit. We apply very minimal amounts of wax to help the apples stay fresher and preserve their moisture.

Health & Nutrition

There is definitely truth to the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Apples are a great source of fibre, contain antioxidants, essential vitamins and nutrients, are fat-free and are low in calories. Apples are considered beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Studies suggest they may also help curb certain cancers and other diseases, decrease your risk of diabetes, boost your immune system, and help you control your weight.

Crispy Apple Chips

In addition to buying them from us at the Orchard Market or our online shop, our crispy apple chips are available from coast to coast in Canada at select grocery stores, specialty food shops, and other places where healthy, convenient snacks are sold. We are adding new locations all the time, so feel free to contact us for the most current outlets.

Our original apple chips contain 45 calories per 11g (approximately 7 chips), or 90 calories per 22g bag.

We use a special dehydration process that applies just enough heat over the right amount of time to give our chips the most satisfying crunch while preserving fresh apple flavour. We do not fry, bake, or freeze dry the apples to make our chips.

We will use different varieties of apples at different times of the year. As each apple variety has a unique balance of sweet and tart, our apple chips can also vary in flavour. We can use Empire, Golden Delicious, and Ambrosia, but our most commonly used variety is Royal Gala.

We do not use any preservatives whatsoever, including sulfites.

All of our apple chips are produced in a strict, peanut and tree nut-free environment. The chocolate drizzle and caramel flavoured apple chips do contain milk and soy. Please contact us if you require more complete details on ingredients and allergens.

We do not grow organic apples, nor use certified organic apples to make our chips at this time.

None of the apples that we grow and make apple chips with are GMO.

Yes, all apples are naturally gluten free. None of our fantastic Apple Chip flavours contain gluten.

Our Original and Cinnamon Apple Chips can be considered vegan, although they are not certified as such. Our Caramel Apple Chips contain milk, and are therefore not vegan.

Yes, our apple chips are certified kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada. Look for the COR symbol on our packaging.

Our Apple Chips have a shelf life of 12 months; however, when opened, the chips will begin to take on moisture (especially in humid conditions). We recommend consuming the chips within a few days of opening to maintain the maximum crunch. As they are so delicious, consuming our chips quickly should not be a problem for most of us.

Our Apple Chips are made in our facility in Elmira, Ontario, ten minutes north of our home farm and orchards in Waterloo.


Yes! Our Fresh Approach to Community Fundraising program is a quick and easy way for your team or community group to raise funds with our nutritious apples and delicious, wholesome apple chips. Please contact us for details.

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm is pleased to support various children’s breakfast programs throughout the Waterloo Region with special discounts on our kid–sized apples. Please contact us for more information.

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm is proud to support many great initiatives in our community. Due to high demand, we normally offer to match purchases of fresh apples, chips and our fresh–press cider (seasonally). Please contact our team to share details of your event and requirements.

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