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We have always taken considerable pride in bringing fresh, healthy fruit to your table. It was true when we sold our first bushels of apples at the local farmer’s market. And it remains true today, even as our apples are sold by the finest retailers in Ontario and around the globe. From humble beginnings, Martin’s has grown into one of the country’s largest apple growers, packers and processors. It has been a long journey but having a passion for what you do also makes it a very rewarding journey.

As a growing company, we are inspired by fresh ideas. Every year those new ideas become new apple varieties, new orchard management practices or new apple products. In fact, we’ve just doubled that size of our Apple Products facility in Elmira, just minutes away from our Fresh Apples facility in Waterloo. In Elmira we custom slice fresh apples for bakeries, produce outstanding fresh apple cider and dehydrate apple slices to make our signature Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips. In 2022 we also began producing apple sauce and apple puree. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep abreast of our newest offerings!

Food Ideas

Martin’s Apples are great for eating at any time, but there’s so much more you can do with our delicious orchard-grown apples. And what about our Crispy Apple Chips? View some great food ideas here.

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