Firm and crunchy with a spicy flavour.

Tasting Notes

Originating as a chance seeding in New Zealand in the 1950’s, the Braeburn was one of the first bi–colour varieties developed with flavour to compare with older heritage varieties. It features a yellow–gold skin colour with reddish overtones, creamy firm flesh and a robust and spicy flavour. The firmness of the Braeburn also makes it a good apple to bake with. While relatively easy to grow and store, the Braeburn never took off in Ontario like Gala — mostly due to its longer growing season and as a result we only market limited quantities.


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Braeburn is Great For

  • Eating
  • Sauce
  • Pie
  • Cider

Packaging Formats

Overview of the fact that the product is available in multiple packaging formats and that Martin’s can work with you to produce custom formats in collaboration with you.