Cripps Pink

Cripps Pink

Crisp, uniquely coloured with a sweet–tart flavour.

Tasting Notes

Cripps Pink is a recent addition to our fall harvest lineup. As discerning apple aficionados will know, this is actually the cultivar of the club apple, Pink Lady®, which is a trademarked brand in the US and Canada. With its attractive pink skin, crispy crunch, and sweet–sharp flavour, it is has quickly gathered quite a fan base. Requiring a longer growing season, it is one of our last varieties to be picked. As with other late season apples, the flavours will intensify in cold storage, so look for Cripps Pink in our Orchard Market after Christmas. It is mostly used for fresh eating and salads.


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Cripps Pink is Great For

  • Eating
  • Sauce
  • Cider
  • Juicing

Packaging Formats

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