Not to sound corny…
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Not to sound corny…

Ontario Corn now in stock!

Driving past acres of tall lush green corn stalks (on a good year) is a familiar late summer sight to those of us living in Southern Ontario. Corn is a seasonal delight that has a way of bringing the family together, whether it’s shucking, cooking or sharing in laughs as you take a bite and butter runs down your chin. Corn is a staple in many households across the globe in the modern day, but is was developed and domesticated by the Olmec, and Mayans natives living in Central America approximately 10,000 years ago. Native Americans in North America introduced corn to early European settlers and saved them from starvation. They traded with them, and taught them how to plant, and cultivate corn using fish as fertilizer. Indians also taught them how to make various corn dishes we still enjoy today including cornbread, corn pudding, corn soup, and fried corn cakes.

Some little-known facts about corn:
  • Corn is native to the Western Hemisphere
  • Outside of North America, Australia, and New Zealand corn means any cereal crop. Maize is a more internationally recognized name for corn
  • One bushel of corn contains about 72,800 kernels and weighs 56 pounds.
  • Corn is a domesticated grass
How to Choose an Ear of Corn

Most of us choose our corn ears by peeling back some of the husk and peeking in with the hopes of seeing golden plump kernels. However, this corn-buying etiquette can results in your corn drying out and becoming starchy quicker. Some tips for buying (without peeking):

Feel the kernels through the husk.

You want to make sure that they’re plump and plentiful; you shouldn’t be able to feel any large gaps between kernels, which could mean they are missing and it may be best to choose another ear.

Feel and look at tassels.

They should be brown and slightly sticky to the touch. If they’re dry or black, then it’s an old ear of corn.

Husk Colour.

The colour of the husk should be a bright green with the leaves tightly wrapped against the cob; this indicates the corn is fresh.

Corn is now available at our Orchard market store.
Need a great recipe idea for corn? Check out our grilled corn salsa!


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