Full Bloom!
Nouvelles | mai 20, 2021

Full Bloom!

Apple Blossoms – Our favourite thing about the spring season!

For a week or two, the Orchards turn into perhaps the biggest outdoor flower display in Waterloo Region. The blossoms cover the trees with a fantastic and fragrant array of colours ranging from subtle white to deeper pinks as far as the eye can see.

In order for these blossoms to become a crunchy Ambrosia, or sweet, juicy Honeycrisp apple, they need to be pollinated. We bring in bees to help with the pollination process. Once complete, the blossom falls off and over time grows into fruit.

Those same bees produce the sweet “Apple Blossom Honey” that can be found in our Orchard Market.

Take a scenic drive to our Orchard before the blossom season ends. With all the warm heat recently, they won’t stick around for very long.

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