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Pear Pizza

pear pizza

Pastry for single pie crust:
2/3 cup sugar
3 tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 tsp. cinnamon, dash nutmeg
4 medium pears, peeled and cut into ½” slices

½ cup all-purpose flour
1/3 cup brown sugar, packed
1/3 cup rolled oats
1 tsp. cinnamon
¼ cup butter, softened
¼ to ½ cup caramel ice-cream topping OR caramel apple dip
Roll pastry to fit a 12” pizza pan. Flute the edges. Combine sugar, flour, and cinnamon in a bowl.
Add pears and toss to cover.
Arrange the pears in a single layer in a circular pattern to completely cover pastry.
Combine the first 5 topping ingredients. Sprinkle over pears. Bake at 350* for 30-35 minutes or until pears are tender.
Remove from oven and immediately drizzle with caramel topping. Serve warm or cold.