Cucumber Cups

"I served these cute little numbers at a Martin Family Games Night. They were so well-received by family members that soon afterward, my sis-in-law Rose and I decided to serve cucumber cups again at a high school grad reception for three of the Martin grandchildren. The appetizers made an attractive addition to a tray of tortilla diplomas tied with chives."   -Danette Martin

Cucumber cups
English cucumbers
Ranch dressing
Pieces of sweet red pepper, or thin carrot slices for garnish
Make a design in the cucumber by cutting off four strips of peel to create an alternating greenwhite pattern around the outside. Slice cucumbers into 3/4 to 1-inch pieces. With a melonballer, scoop out the flesh from one side of each cucumber round to make a little hollow. Fill the indentation with a tiny scoop of hummus or Ranch dressing.
Garnish as desired.